Hi, guys. You might notice I haven’t posted anything ‘proper’ in a while. You might also notice that my theme has changed. A bit like a wonky haircut, we can all see it’s not looking it’s best, but eventually it’ll grow into something worth looking at again. I’m working on it.

See, my drive for blogging has almost completely dried up. I’ve got plenty of ideas stored up, but they haven’t made it to the actual Internet yet. I haven’t followed any new blogs for a while either and I know I’ve been rubbish on the networking front. Bleh.

All of that’s going to change. In the near future, I’m going to look into finding a nice new theme and sort out my online presence. I’ve been talking to my lovely friend Sarah (diaryofateachaholic.com) about giving my blog a proper revamp, but considering I’m a bit backwards on scary things like Coding and Self-Hosting and Scheduling Posts (gasp), it might take a while.

Be patient with me. I’m working on it!

Until next time,

Emma x


2 thoughts on “EVERYTHING IS NAFF (blogwise)

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