Music as a Coping Strategy (help)

Just a quick one to inject your earbuds with a part of the playlist I’m compiling which I’d like to call ‘The Soundtrack To A Tedious Afternoon Of Applying For Jobs.’ I’ve just finished the second out of six application forms I set myself as a goal to complete this afternoon. If you reduce your fractions, that’s kind of like finishing 1/3 which sounds a lot more promising and a lot less soul crushing.

ANYWAY, here are a few chilled-out Tuesday afternoon music recommendations. You’re welcome.

1. Where The Sky Hangs – Passion Pit

For anyone that would rather be on a bike ride, picnic or just out enjoying their summer, but is happy to settle for sitting at their laptop and sort of swaying instead.

2. Ties – Years and Years

For the person who could be on a train on the way to a festival or holiday, but should be on a train doing the commute into work. Either way, for listening to while staring out the window at the rolling countryside. Also quite effective for pumping yourself up to finish off that covering letter.

3. Watercolour – Pendulum

For the person who wasn’t quite pumped enough by Years and Years, has their speakers on loud and is ready to get shit done.

4. Conrad – Ben Howard

For the smug, satisfied individual who’s sent off all their applications for the day, is feeling accomplished and is rewarding themselves with some down time, possibly some fresh bedding and a book, or the person who half-heartedly attempted to get things done but gave up and decided to treat themselves instead.

5. Bet On It – Zac Efron

For the poor person who has lost all hope and is yearning for simpler times. Sometimes you just need a pep talk, and where better to find it than in one of 2007’s greatest cinematic masterpieces? Right? (…)

Any music suggestions to get me/us (if you’re in the same boat) through this weird transition phase of Becoming Adults would be greatly appreciated!

Until next time,

Emma x


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