Reasons Why I’m Happy To Be Home

My resolution this summer is to post11715888_10206773719838804_2090711773_n here at least every other day, starting now. Some days you’ll get garbage, other days you might actually get something of note. Today, though, we’re talking about my lovely hometown. Last Saturday I moved out of my uni accomodation, in turn waving goodbye to my Reading residancy probably forever. I have this strange fixation on preserving Reading as ‘the place I was a student’, and I don’t want to ruin my memories of it by moving back there post-graduation and potentially having a rubbish time without the student lifestyle and all my friends.

It was sad. Didn’t cry, still haven’t – there’s a lot worse going on in my life at the moment and, perhaps annoyingly, I’m nothing if not very good at putting things into perspective.

After all the commotion of moving out, I’m now back home for the foreseeable. Until I can land on my feet money-and-jobwise, I’m in almost exactly the same position I was 3 years ago, except now I have a 2:1 in Philosophy and a whole new host of lifelong memories and friends to boot. It’s a bit disheartening though, I must admit, to not know which direction I’m heading in next (since the prehistoric year of 1999 when I started school).

But, seeing as I’m a positive cheery soul, I’ve been compiling a mental list of Reasons Why I’m Happy To Be Home…

  • The w11651191_10206773706358467_276062231_nater here is nicer. Bit of a weird reason, but back in Reading I didn’t really like drinking the water without adding squash because apparently I’m 5 years old. Here, it’s so good. Can’t even describe how good. I’m looking forward to being hydrated as hell.
  • The scenery! I’m fortunate enough to live in a proper storybook town. I went for a walk up the hills on Monday (see left – admittedly some filter, but loooook at it) with a friend and it was incredible. I love looking down on the town and pointing out my house, friend’s houses and my schools. It never gets old. Reading town was a bit drab in terms of scenery, although the uni campus filled the nature-shaped void that appeared when I first moved there. Even the campus doesn’t compare, though!
  • My home friends. I’m really looking forward to spending more time with the people I only get to see for half of the year and have more boozy nights in Spoons and Ollie’s as is tradition!
  • (Temporarily) living out of the bank of Mum and Dad. Selfish, I know, and I’d much rather have my full independance, but to not have to think about energy bills or when to schedule my next Asda delivery at least for a little while is pretty good. Especially as we’re still in the ‘it’s a novelty to have me home’ stage, so my Mum is offering to buy me whatever my little heart desires from the supermarket whenever she goes.

I’m sure in the next couple of weeks I’ll be itching to be back living away from home again, but for now I’m keeping positive. I hope if any of you have just finished uni (or just until October) that you got the results you were hoping for and that everything is peachy your end!

Until next time,

Emma x


5 thoughts on “Reasons Why I’m Happy To Be Home

  1. I am going through the exact same thing having just finished (graduation soon, gulp!). It really is a very strange in between time.

    I have to admit, having my cat back is the BIGGEST perk.

    That, and having my parents cooking. 😉

    1. It’s weird isn’t it? Apparently we’re called graduands which is a nicer way of saying we’re in graduation limbo. I hope everything went alright your end and you’re happy with your final grades!

      I didn’t realise how much I’d missed mine until she’s been here to talk to every morning. She’s very reluctant to show affection, but at nearly 10 years old I’m still holding out hope that old age will turn her soppy…

      1. Haha, I like the way you think! I’m ridiculously happy with my final grades, thanks, everything turned out so much better than I was expecting. 🙂

        Yeah, I’m exactly the same, I didn’t so much miss her when I was away because I was in a different environment, but as soon as I got back I was spoiling my cat rotten, hehee! My cat has definitely gotten more soppy as she’s gotten older, so there’s hope!

        1. woohoo, well done! I was the same – I got the coveted 2:1 after spending my final year being really inconsistant with assessed essay grades, so I was over the moon! I honestly thought it was a mistake at first!

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