Post-Degree Babble

As a half-arsed attempt at returning to blogging, I’m back. Nat, this one’s for you.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of trudging across campus in the torrential rain – wearing sandals, because your feet need to breathe, man, come rain or shine – and sitting an exam I only felt half prepared for. Somehow, all knowledge of how to correctly write a philosophy essay went entirely AWOL and I was left a bit shivering and shit in an exam hall full of like-minded shivery shit people. Basically, I’ve finished my degree but I’m not very happy about it. Pathetic fallacy, if you ever did find it.

I’m now a free woman. I’m not out drinking, like I possibly should be, but I’d rather be having laptop time and drinking green apple vodka and cherry squash anyway. Call me old-fashioned. (????? which grandma is drinking shitty cocktails and if so can someone get her some help)

I’ve also neglected to mention that I’m turning 21 in a fortnight. Twenty one! I’m a real adult, in all countries of the world. I’ll still be ‘challenge 25’d at Waitrose when I’m buying my rosé but I’m sure I’ll cope. I did a real adulty thing today. I cleaned a kitchen from top to bottom (sort of) and actually enjoyed it. Rewarded myself with a trip to town in which I bought make up wipes, a new mascara (cucumber extracts; v nice, thanks Rimmel) and dithered in Carphone Warehouse for a bit before leaving for a half-price frappuchino from Starbucks. All in all, a successful day. But yes, I’m never prepared for the 30th of May when my birthday rolls around and I’ve never got anything planned. I know 21 is a big age; I know I’m meant to be on top of things and be demanding that people give me all their time/money/attention in bigger-than-usual amounts. I also know that I’m absolutely useless at planning anything so I’ve managed to rustle up some loose plans which I’m sure will come to fruition and be absolutely fine.

This post was written with the aid of Smirnoff Green Apple which although did not sponsor me in any way is actually a very nice drink, if you like your cherry squash slightly stickier than normal. It’s good though. (Still sticky, but good. Really good.)

Talk again soon when there’s more going on and I’m not giving you what is essentially word vomit.

Until next time,

Emma x


2 thoughts on “Post-Degree Babble

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