Blogmas, Days 8-24 | Christmas Eve Thoughts

I fucked up. I lasted a grand total of 7 days into Blogmas; it only came to 6 posts. Whatever. On the 8th of December my housemates and I had our uni Christmas dinner, and I had 5 hours of lectures beforehand. After that, there was a lot of last-minute deadline reaching, celebrating friends’ 21sts (three in as many days, in fact), then once I came home for the holidays the following weekend I was straight back into my gruelling seasonal job in my local Waitrose. I finished my last shift earlier today and I’m quite sad about it, actually – despite the narky customers arriving in their hoards and the many technical faults we faced on the self checkout tills which made one particular afternoon an absolute nightmare, it always feels a bit like coming home to go back and catch up with so many familiar faces.

Anyway, now it’s both Christmas Eve and the last day of Blogmas (where did December go and can I have it back, please?) It’s late and I’m tired so this isn’t a properly structured post, but I thought I’d bring you all some Christmas Eve thoughts. Wittery and a bit pathetic, I know, but what’s a girl to do?

  • Earlier this week at work, I served a former teacher of mine who at the time had only just qualified and thought he was the dog’s bollocks. The lessons I had with him were spent by him bragging about all his job opportunities and the ‘crazy shit’ he got up to at uni, while he kept reminded us that he was a cool guy who we could go to with any problems. I didn’t like him much. Satisfying to see he’s now a bit chubbier and definitely hasn’t jetted off for an exciting new lifestyle like he told us he would.
  • I haven’t really listened to Christmas songs this year, which is maybe why I’m not feeling as Christmassy as I should be.
  • My bestie for life just dropped round my Christmas present. It was a Harry Styles colouring book and I think I’m in love.
  • A week today I’ll be wearing a sparkly dress and dancing around with a Prosecco in hand, because it’ll be 2015 in an hour and a half. I always forget that New Year’s is only a week after Christmas and it creeps up on me every year.
  • It’s our first Christmas at home without my brother – he’s spending this week with his girlfriend. Mum says she’s fine with it but she also keeps saying how much she’s going to miss him tomorrow. I hope the cat will step up and be a good enough temporary replacement.
  • I’m hoping for a healthier 2015 in terms of my family’s medical health but also my hair’s volume/shiny/juj’d health. I think the ombré is sticking around though.

Wherever you are I hope you have the merriest of Christmasses, that Father Christmas brings you everything your heart desires and that you’re at least a little boozed by noon.

Until next time,

Emma x


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