Blogmas, Days 6 & 7 | The Christmas Chocolate Debate

Happy first-weekend-of-Blogmas! I hope everyone is feeling Christmassy by now (or, at least, starting to!) I’ve wrapped and given my first present; the friend I was allocated for Secret Santa doesn’t live with us and was up to visit for the weekend. My present was a success, which might’ve had something to do with her specifically asking for what I bought her, maybe?

I think Saturdays and Sundays will just culminate as one post for my Blogmas, if I’ve had a busy weekend. At the moment I’m juggling my three impending deadlines, and went to a party Saturday night – so that’s where I was yesterday! Soz. I had a good time, for what it’s worth.

Today’s post is about one of the (somewhat heated) Christmas deliberations that goes largely unnoticed. Forget talking about an acceptable time to open Christmas presents, or what the best part of the roast is – we need to set the record straight on which is the superior out of Heroes, Celebrations, Roses and Quality Street. Yeah, exactly. I knew you’d forgotten about them.

For any non-Brits out there, let me give you a bit of context. Over here, the two leading brands of chocolate are Cadbury and Nestlé, and it’s a bit like cats and dogs in the sense that people usually have a strong preference for one over the other. Each Christmas, both brands bring out two kinds of chocolate selection tin/box/whatever – a miniature selection of their regular, year-round chocolate bars (Heroes for Cadbury; Celebrations for Nestlé) and a range of ‘fancier’ chocolates (read as: they’re wrapped in cellophane rather than foil) which carry names such as ‘Strawberry Dream’ or ‘Brazilian Darkness’ (thanks Cadbury Roses, for those) and ‘The Green One’ and ‘The Purple One’ (straight to the point with your Quality Street, Nestlé.)

Now, I’m 100% sure this next part will only make sense to people who’ve experienced all four types of chocolate selection, because nobody else is going to understand my ramblings about bitesize chocolates. It’s a very important matter that I have a lot of feelings about (clearly.)

  • Heroes vs Celebrations: for as long as I can remember, my Granny and Granddad have given me and my brother a box of Celebrations with our Christmas presents. It’s tempting to side with Celebrations for the sentimental value, but they’re resilient with their inclusion of Bounty chocolate which is coconut and just all-round a bad time. In recent years I’ve started to enjoy Snickers, but it’s taken a lot of Christmasses of reluctant Snickers-eating and even now I’m not sure if I like them just because I feel like I have to. However, the ultimate act of betrayal was the year Nestlé decided getting rid of the Galaxy Truffle was an okay thing to do. What the hell? Replacing it with Twix is just a big old case of too little, too late. That bridge was already well and burned. Plus, Cadbury’s recently took Picnic out of their selection (thank God) and replaced it with Creme Egg Twisted (THANK GOD.) Cadbury 1 Nestlé 0
  • Roses vs Quality Street: this is a bit trickier because they’re both quite similar. I like Cadbury’s and Nestlé chocolate equally, so that isn’t the issue. However, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this, I spent the majority of my childhood foraging through the Quality Street tin for all the Green Triangles and fighting off various family members, who could eat the coconut ones for all I cared. I’ve just found a list of all the chocolates in a Roses tin, and I’ve remembered why I was so indifferent to Roses when I was little – it was the nuts. Like Snickers, I would avoid them like the plague until they were literally the only chocolate left in the house and then eat them out of sheer force. (By who, I’m still not sure.) Roses tins have three different nutty chocolates, while Quality Street tins have just the one. I’d like to stress it isn’t an issue anymore – my tastebuds have matured to the point where chocolate is chocolate and I will happily take what I can get – but I think Quality Street just about pips this one. Cadbury 1 Nestlé 1

I hadn’t decided if there was gonna be a winner of this when I started writing, and as it’s gone on we’ve reached a tie anyway. Was this a pointless post, then? Don’t say that. Chocolate is never pointless. I will happily eat all your chocolate and more at Christmas, you just watch me. 🙈 If I had to pick a favourite of the four, if I was really pushed, I’d go for Quality Street. Those and Roses are that bit more Christmassy for me, because they’re only around once a year, and I’ve already stipulated that they’re the superior ‘fancy’ brand.

(photos aren’t mine, obv, credit where credit is due etc)

Until next time,

Emma x


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