Blogmas, Day 5 | Christmas Day Traditions

Happy 5th of December, everyone! I hope you’re having a good Friday night. While some residants of this house are heading out tonight, other residants are settling in with a mug of tea and powering through essays (I am those other residants) (pity me)

The other night we found ourselves discussing Christmas Day traditions, with a pretty split opinion on when the approrpriate time is during Christmas Day to open presents. I thought today I’d bring you a timeline of what my family gets up to every year – compare it with your own, and let me know if I’m doing Christmas inherently wrong or anything.

  • 8-9am: wake up. In the past my brother and I would have stockings on the ends of our beds, so would’ve been up by 7am to forage through them together before Mum and Dad surfaced. We’ll be 20 and 22 this Christmas, so this tradition has sadly passed us by.
  • 9am-midday: breakfast, then presents. Christmas morning breakfast is always croissants because we don’t eat them at any other time of year, so it’s a ‘special breakfast’ for us. Once breakfast is eaten, Jack and I will open our presents from our parents, then we’ll tackle Mum’s, Dad’s and the presents under the tree from various relatives.
  • Midday-lunch (usually 2ish): help Mum with the lunch, inevitably get told to go away or I’ll ruin it, have a glass of wine because fuck it, it’s Christmas.
  • LUNCH. It’ll be different this year, because my Dad most likely won’t be eating anything and Jack won’t be there, but my Nana and Granddad are eating with us which is something that happens almost every year. They only live round the corner!
  • 3pm: Queen’s Speech. Every year. Do not fight me on this.
  • 3.15pm-sometime around 8pm: eating chocolate, feeling full, potentially a little nap. Some form of board game.
  • 8pm: struggle our way through a leftovers sandwich. Grandparents leave. We all sit around until we’re too tired to stay awake, listening to Christmas songs and fiddling with presents. Send/reply to Christmas texts and Facebook messages, probably.

Does your Christmas Day look anything like mine? Is opening presents in the morning acceptable? Do any other families tune in for the Queen at 3 (to the point where Dad will pause the sky+ until we’re all assembled and not half asleep)?

Until next time,

Emma x

EDIT: Oh my God I completely forgot to say from 3.15pm onwards there is always always Christmas telly on in the background. I love it all, but I’ll do an individual post on that later in the month because there’s too much to credit in bullet point form!


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