Blogmas, Day 4 | More Underrated Christmas Songs

Normally I wouldn’t have warmed to the idea of having two consecutive Blogmas posts on the same topic, but I felt last night’s needed a bit of an extension. Well, I say ‘I’, but really this is coming from my friends Georgie and Anna, who have both pointed out to me over the course of the day that I missed out some crucial underrated Christmas hits. So, guys, this one’s for you.

  • Busted’s take on Hark! The Herald Angels Sing is fantastic. Having been a Busted fan from the start, through the break up and (on the down low) ever since, I was ecstatic when McBusted became a thing and I was able to jam to all their classics at a concert in 2014. So ecstatic, in fact, that I went twice. Hark! appeared as the B-side to their single, Crashed The Wedding, and I actually listen to it all year round – moreso than Crashed The Wedding – because it’s just that good. (I was always a Charlie girl. 8-year-old me loved a bushy eyebrow.)
  • ‘Under The Misteltoe’ by Biebs is, I am unashamed to say, a great Christmas album. It’s a mixture of modern takes on classic Christmas songs (if you’ve ever yearned for a slightly swaggier Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, look no further), confusing cameos – I’m still not sure how to feel about Busta Rhymes appearing on Little Drummer Boy, on which he raps the lyric ‘let’s gather round the fireplace cuz it’s about to get hot in here!’, but I’ll deal – and some original songs that are surprisingly really good. Misteltoe is good, and Christmas Love is my personal favourite. He also got actual Mariah Carey to duet on All I Want For Christmas For You with him. I can only imagine how that meeting went.

Those were the key ones I missed out, I’ve been told. Now for a quick Christmassy round-up: got a sleigh-shaped chocolate in my advent calendar today; the paper chains we made last night have already fallen down and split; went to Debenhams to test perfumes with my housemates and were given mince pies, champagne and left the store having had a complimentry Urban Decay makeover. It’s been a good one.

(none of the images are mine, as always, tyvm Google Images)

Until next time,

Emma x


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