Blogmas, Day 2 | Wintery Fashion

I refuse to let myself get behind on this, so at 2am on the 3rd, here’s my second blog post. You’ll have to excuse me – tonight’s been very hectic and it’s only just now I’m getting chance to actually sit and write!

To keep this short and sweet (I really, really would like to be asleep right now), I’m focusing day 2 on wintery fashion. Nothing too waffy or lengthy – anyone who knows me knows fashion is not my forté – but I thought I’d give a nod to the coats, boots, hats and scarves that spent half the year gathering dust at home.

Today I left the house in 5 layers, none of which particularly matched unless you’d count that the pink on my socks was practically identical to the pink on my jumper. Pretty important, come to think of it, seeing as my boots have cut-out sides. Getting it right is a daily struggle. In the summer it would be a crime to just throw on every clean item of clothing on your shelves. In the winter, it’s a necessity.

Tomorrow I’m going to take a photo of my naff Christmas jumper and write a little something about it here because it’s great and can’t be left out of a post on Christmas fashion. Mine’s a cracker. Can’t wait for you all to see it.

Until next time,

Emma x


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