Blogmas, Day 1 | Advent Calendars

This is the first time I’ve had a proper blog over Christmas. Not a big milestone, by any standards, but it means I can participate in Blogmas this year. I’m excited!

I’m not following any specific Blogmas template (if such a thing exists). The idea is this – I’m going to post something every day from now until Christmas, whether it be about something from my Christmas wishlist or a little Christmassy anecdote from years gone by. As the furthest thing from a self-starter you’ll ever meet, this is going to be a bit of a challenge (what does self-starter mean, anyway?)

If you’re already sick of Christmas posts, then I’d suggest looking away now because things are going to get festive!


Day 1: Advent Calendars

Coming from a household that strictly doesn’t dress the tree until December 17th (the struggles of having a brother born on December 16th are alive and real), having an advent calendar to open throughout December was always highly anticipated when I was weeny. We had an advent nativity scene on the fireplace, too, which Jack and I took turns assembling a piece a day after school. I’ve always taken the art of advent calendars very seriously – I’ve never eaten the chocolates in the wrong order, or eaten more than one in a go, and it sends a little shiver up my spine to see people ruining their sacredness. Don’t even get me started on people that don’t have advent calendars, or never did as a child. How did you get through the final weeks of school without a chocolate to look forward to when you got home?!

This is the advent calendar I’ve got this year. Yes, I am 20. (credit to Morrisons for the image, and my friend Anna for buying the calendar for me from Primark. Best pound you’ve spent on me, ever):

I got a moon-shaped chocolate this morning, which isn’t very Christmassy but I’ll let them off because it’s only the 1st. At least, I think it was a moon – when you shell out a whole quid for an advent calendar, the chocolates inside are never going to be works of art.

Until next time!

Emma x


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