Seventy Quid’s Worth of Travel Later…

This week I’ve had the pleasure of not setting foot into work and instead taking the time to do proper summery things like go to the seaside and visit family that live further away. It’s been so nice to break away from the monotony of eat, sleep, work, repeat, although heading back behind my till later today seems to have come around far too quickly!

The first destination on my whistle-stop tour of the country was Macclesfield, to visit the uni girls. Being the total cheapskate I am, I took the megabus from Birmingham to Manchester to save my dollar – in the end, it worked out at only about eight quid cheaper, so not really very savvy on my part – and the journey was unfortunately pretty uneventful. We encountered a full lane closure somewhere along the m6, which lasted about 45 minutes, but the only thing I took from that was sitting two rows away from the toilet is not a wise decision if there are seats elsewhere. If you’ve ever been to a festival, I’m sure you’re familiar with that stale toilet smell. Imagine sitting in that, voluntarily, for nearly three hours…

So anyway, I had a great time in Macclesfield. To my surprise there were lots of fields to trek through with some gorgeous scenery and I discovered the greatness of a strawberry & kiwi vodka lemonade.

My next stop was Stockport. It was my Grandad’s 91st birthday, I was in the area, it would have been rude to not swing by! My brother and his girlfriend made the journey up as a bit of a surprise and we had a big ol’ buffet lunch. I stayed the night with my cousins and we had Chinese takeaway and watched Hot Fuzz (with a Cornetto each, of course!) It was so good to see them because we only manage it once or twice a year, living so far away. 

For anyone wondering, I had sweet and sour pork Cantonese style, and it was absolutely tippety top. 

On Monday, my train from Stockport to Birmingham was delayed by about half an hour and I missed my bloody connection back home by literally one minute. I arrived at the platform at 12:50, hoping the 12:49 train would still be there twiddling its thumbs, waiting for me. Side note – public transport has never, and will never, do this. I had a driving lesson booked for 2, so after leaving a (probably embarrassingly gabbled and wail-y) voicemail with my instructor we arranged to reschedule the lesson. He’s the best instructor I’ve ever had – we drove to a McDonald’s to recap the show me, tell me part of the practical test, and he bought me a coffee! Great guy. 

I shouldn’t have been worried, though – on Tuesday morning, I passed my driving test on the first attempt with 9 minors! I had the most pernickety examiner you can imagine, who is even known around here as ‘the failer’. So, not too bad going! I didn’t really have high hopes, if I’m honest, after falling out of the test centre on the way to the car before the test had even started. I wouldn’t recommend driving with a dodgy ankle! 

Straight after I’d passed my test, I packed a bag and hopped on the train to Weymouth to stay with my bestie 4 life for a few days. It was so fun! We saw the Red Arrow display which was amaaaaazing, ate doughnuts and candy floss on the beach at night and had Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen-style showdowns on the dancemats in the amusement arcade – for the record, I was absolutely rubbish. On Wednesday morning, we went to the Weymouth Sea Life Centre to hang with the stingrays and, in my case, get told off by an attendant for touching a starfish in the wrong rock pool. We were a bit strapped for time, so we had to miss out visiting Sand World: a very difficult decision to make, after reading their leaflet full of rave reviews – one being ‘It’s Literally Sand’. Like I said, a very difficult decision. We also discovered this great song, danced to by old men in skirts and garters as part of the parade: 

We drove home yesterday morning, and since then we’ve taught my Nana the meaning of ‘twerk’ and ‘yolo’, which she says she’s going to try out on her friends at church (I personally can’t wait for their feedback), and been to the theatre to see my cousin play Simon in an amateur production of Jesus Christ Superstar. It felt so professional and was brilliant! We waited in the foyer afterwards to cheer the cast and crew, and went to congratulate a friend who was playing Jesus. A bit of a claim to fame there, being friends with Jesus, right? Being touched by the hand of God? No? Alright. 

Sorry if this is a bit clunky – ‘I did this and then I did that and then we did this’ – but I’ve been so busy lately and just wanted to give you the highlights! I’ve sneakily skirted over the midnight Domino’s binge we had while walking along Weymouth Harbour, but I can confirm it definitely happened and we’re only a little bit ashamed. 

One last thing – I’m intending on putting photos in this post, but for some reason WordPress wasn’t letting me align them or crop them how I liked when I tried to add them just now. None of them are mine, so credit to my pals where credit is due, etc. etc. So I’ll be back soon! Hope everyone’s doing alright and having a lovely day, whatever you’re doing. 

How would you spend your ideal week off? 

Until next time, 

Emma x



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