Thursday Night Observations

I’m really annoyed at NatWest for not only failing to send out a railcard they assured me had been sent out in June, but then seemingly forgetting about me and not sending out the replacement either. I can’t hack paying full price train fares; I’m only a tiny student (with a tinier bank balance.)

Today I bought some new pajama bottoms and they’re now the comfiest item of clothing I own. They may or may not have been from M&S and they may or may not just be plain black but whatever stop looking at me. 

Just went outside to talk to my Mum and the smoke from her cigarette caught in the back of my throat. It’s a smell I associate with nights out, alongside heavy drinking and unfamiliar people, and is certainly something I don’t like hanging round the family home. Surely reaching the point where you’re physically removing yourself from your loved ones and whatever you’ve been doing to have a smoke – spending a tenner every few days on the habit and having absolutely nothing to show for it – is a bit of a low one, and something I hope I can never empathize with. 

I brought a book home from my uni library to read ahead for one of my modules and it’s taken me almost two months to actually open it. It’s the second edition of the Blackwell Bioethics Philosophy anthology, edited by Kuhse and Singer, and I’m currently halfway through a paper defending abortion. Really wish I’d picked this up earlier because it’s so interesting. 

I have to book trains and buses for this weekend and it’s stressing me out. 

I have to book a train for the coming week’s trip to Weymouth and it’s stressing me out. 

I just had to add Weymouth to my computer’s dictionary; it thought I was trying to spell Plymouth. 

I wish I had more interesting things to blog about and I feel like my online presence is running on empty at the moment. I’m in a rut of going to work, eating and sleeping, and it’s all very uninspiring stuff. There are big debates and topics of interest in the news lately (see: Robin Williams and depression, Mike Brown of Ferguson, etc) but I don’t feel qualified to give my two cents without coming across as seriously misinformed or unintentionally offensive. You know why that is? I spend all my time at work, and haven’t had the time to properly look into these things that I really wish I wasn’t missing out on. 

Despite all this, there are some things that are just too personal to share on the Internet, which is a shame because I have plenty to be letting off steam about rather than just internalising at the moment. Soz. 


Until next time,

Emma x




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