You’ll Never Guess What I’ve Found

Afternoon, everyone! On this gloriously sunny day, I’ve chosen to tuck myself away in the house and have a good old clear out of my bedroom. It’s a bit silly, really – I seem to have a ‘big clear out’ every time I move back home for the holidays, despite not actually being here to create any mess. 

Still, it’s got to be done. I’ve just finished sorting out my ‘vanity table’ (it’s not really a vanity table, don’t get excited) and found a lot of weird and wonderful things that I wanted to show you all, to give you an idea of the sort of mess I’m working with. The soundtrack to my tidying so far has been Kris Allen’s album ‘Thank You Camellia’, which is one of my favourite summer albums. 


Handmade Tiger (top left): I was given a ‘make your own stuffed toy’ kit when I was little. This was the horrifying result. That being said, I am secretly proud of how well I plaited the tail and how it’s managed to stay stuck to the toy, all these years later. 

Hair Dye (bottom left): This is a ‘natural light auburn’ hair dye that is at least five years old. I was still in school and wanted to be a redhead, but didn’t ever quite muster up the courage to do it (even though I had ketchup red hair back in 2007 – more on that to follow). I’ve had red hair since, and green and purple and pink hair, but for some reason I’ve always kept this. I wonder if hair dye goes out of date…

Nintendo DS (centre): To me, this DS looks like a childhood come to its bitter end, almost like it was a part of ‘Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared’ (watch that monstrosity here if you haven’t already.) The buttons are sticky, the device is snapped completely in half from holding it by the top screen and evidently I was very impatient waiting for levels to load and got a bit Sharpie happy on more than one occasion. I loved this DS! I was actually quite sad to find it how I’d left it, hoping it would magically have repaired itself so I could go back on Animal Crossing or Super Mario Land. 

Champagne (top right): This is a bottle of Oudinot champagne – whatever that means – that I received for my 18th birthday from my auntie and uncle, and is yet to be opened. My birthday is on the 30th May, which when I had A Levels to be preparing for was a very difficult time to do any celebrating. I think I’ll save this for my 21st. You can do that with champagne, right?

‘A Wanted Man’ by Lee Child (bottom right): I bought this book from work in anticipation of the Eurostar journey Anna and I were taking to Brussels for our city break last summer. I found out, after reading about half a chapter, that it is in fact the 17th book in its series. I promptly put it down and ended up reading Looking For Alaska by John Green instead. 



Space Invader Earrings (top left): I’m so glad none of you knew me back in 2007. I was in the depths of what I thought was a scene phase. I’m not even sure I could’ve told you what that meant, but everything I wore had to be bright, ‘retro’ and totally not mainstream. I once teamed these earrings with a blue tshirt, black and white polka dot skirt, red tights and green ballet pumps. I wish I had some photo evidence to hand, but I’m kind of glad I don’t.

Train Ticket (bottom left): this is a train ticket from last summer. I went from uni to stay with my family in Stockport because I’d landed a week’s work experience in a publishing house in Manchester. It was a great placement, which ended with the restaurant my building was attached to catching fire – we were all evacuated, and one of the editors ran back in for my laptop in the ultimate act of heroism – and a spontaneous road trip to Liverpool with my auntie and cousin the day after. One of my favourite memories from last year.

Keys (centre): I have no idea what these keys open.

Prom Ticket (top right): My Year 11 Leaver’s Prom, back in 2010, was Alice in Wonderland themed. I ignored that completely, and wore a red floor length dress that I found in the sale at Debenhams and pearly-coloured shoes and accessories. 

Wooden Tulips (bottom right): This last one is a bit of a cheat, because these actually live on my bedside table. No finding, or unearthing (hurr hurr) involved. They were a present from my Nana and Granddad when I went into hospital at about the age of four. To cut a long story short, I had some operations on my spine and couldn’t walk for a while. Even though it was hospital and Mum says I hated it, I’ve only retained the good memories and I look back on it positively. Which you would, really, considering everything’s fine now and I can walk and everything. 

There is still a lot of tidying to do (I’m currently sat on my bed surrounded by piles of crap and my laptop is perched on a shoebox full of CDs) and an hour later this was only meant to be a short break, so I guess I’d better get back to it.

Until next time, 

Emma x


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