‘Remember Me’ – Sophie Kinsella | Book Review

I haven’t exactly been keeping up my end of the ‘book blogging’ bargain here, have I? The plan was to read at least one book a month and give you a little review of my thoughts. If you followed me under that impression, I’m sorry. But guess what – I actually finished a book today. It wasn’t half bad either! 

I’ve been a fan of Sophie Kinsella’s since I finished (and loved every page of) her Shopaholic series. She has a penchant for immersing the reader in a world of witty, relatable characters who I finished the book wishing I could for a drink with! ‘Remember Me’ is the story of twenty-five year old ‘snaggletooth’ Lexi, who suffers a head injury on a rainy night in 2004 and doesn’t resurface until May 6, 2007 – three years later. Not only does twenty-eight year old Lexi have perfect teeth, hair and nails, but she’s also bagged herself a millionaire husband! In her bid to piece together the events of the past three years, Lexi discovers that her perfect life isn’t as perfect as it seems…

When I picked this up, I was really in the mood for some easy reading, happy ending chick lit. I wasn’t disappointed! Lexi really is the sort of girl you’d want to call up and go for cocktails with. Not a lot of time passes throughout the entire book – it’s only about 6 weeks – but it definitely feels like a lot longer. Kinsella captures Lexi’s personality so perfectly. She isn’t merely portrayed as a really hard done by, damsal in distress type – she’s a three dimensional, real person, with flaws and faults like the rest us. It’s the same with the rest of the supporting characters in ‘Remember Me.’ I’ve read plenty of chick lit/YA novels in the past where either the main character or love interest is portrayed as this beacon of light and wonder. To each their own, I guess, but the sticking power of a novel with me once I’ve finished it is usually down to feeling a legitimate bond to the characters. Maybe that’s just me. ‘Remember Me’ was great in that respect.

Something else I really appreciated with this book is that it tied up a lot of the loose ends it created. A story narrated by an amnesia patient should be fragmented to some extent; it wouldn’t have been very believable otherwise. All of the questions Lexi raises about the important people in her life are answered and solved. While she doesn’t recover her memory within the pages of ‘Remember Me’ (spoiler/shocker/apologies), I was left with the sense that Lexi was in a good place and had gained a better understanding of her own life, which was nice. I still can’t tell whether everything towards the final couple of chapters was rushed a bit, or if I was just reading quicker because I was getting so into it. It was probably the latter, really, because I didn’t put the book down feeling disappointed. Definitely a good thing! 

Overall, if you’re looking for a funny, heartwarming, down-to-earth read and aren’t here for tackling something a bit more challenging (nothing to be ashamed of, it’s where I’ve been for weeks now) then I would absolutely give Remember Me a go. If chick lit’s your thing, and you haven’t read any of Kinsella’s previous books, I’d get on those as well. There’s at least 5 book recs in one post. Don’t say I never give you anything! Go go go!



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