I am going to make this post very short and hopefully sweet because I am a tired little bean. I’m making it because I feel as though I never really talk about myself on here – stupid, I know, but I’d like to think I can just witter on about my day-to-day life and it will peak the interest of someone, somewhere. Personally, I think it’s great when bloggers give you a little snippet of their goings-on, and in a way I find myself much more invested when I’m listening to someone talk about their day rather than their extravagent holiday. I think it’s a given for most people that we get on better with people who we can more closely relate to.

So, personal post. Remember when I said this would be very short?

I’ve got six exams coming up in the next month or so, the first of which is next Wednesday. I really wish I was feeling more stressed. I work so much better under pressure – I tend to write the majority of my assignments that I’ve had for 5 weeks in the 5 days prior to the deadline – and for some reason I’m still really chilled out. I’ve been averaging 5 hours of revision a day, give or take a few people-watching breaks in the library, and I’ve bought an array of Staedtler fineliners. (I’m sure you know the ones. Grey body, coloured lids and ends? Usually come in a set looking pretty slick, but I couldn’t afford that so I just bought 3. Good enough.) Buying new stationery is the greatest motivator of all when it comes to revision!

I’m also heading off to see McBusted on Saturday night which I am beyond excited for. I love the whole concert experience in general, but combine that with how nostalgic it’s going to be hearing all my favourite songs from my childhood and seeing a lot of my friends (I know so many people going to this particular concert! I’ll never have been to a concert that’s such a social event.) On top of that, I’m getting from here to Birmingham via a 5-hour Megabus ride. Which, well. I’ll report back with any stories.

Other than that, I’m just plodding through life, having mornings too early for the amount of sleep I’m getting and eating substantial meals like scrambled eggs and bacon on Ryvita and mashed potato by the bowlful. Hope you’re all well too!

Until next time,

Emma x


3 thoughts on “Reading this will not enrich your evening in any way

  1. Hello, hello! So sorry the hear about the mass invasion of your social life in the form of exams. Two is mean, four is cruel, but six is just outrageous! I too am heavily into the revision cramming – or I should be. I just started today and my first exam is in a week but similarly to you, I don’t feel worked up about it and I need that adrenaline to get me going!

    Best of luck, and have fun with McBusted.

    P.S. It’s really annoying me that they’re calling it McBusted because I coined that name for McFly years ago (because I was annoyed that Busted had broken up and didn’t want McFly to take their place because they seemed like a carbon copy) and now all of a sudden I’m seeing people using it everywhere! I feel like I should sue for plagiarism or something. Almost. šŸ˜›

    1. Oh my God I’m so sorry this has taken so long to reply to! How are your exams going? I’m four down, two to go – will never understand why my uni thought a three-week gap between exams was acceptable! My laptop broke, as well, which is typical in exam time.

      McBusted put on a brilliant show! So brilliant, in fact, that I’m going again with a friend on the 27th. Can’t let go of my childhood just yet!…

      You should get in touch, I’m sure you’re due some royalties in some shape or form! šŸ˜‰

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