I have a lot of apologising to do.

Firstly, I’m sorry for not posting very often. My laptop charger broke a couple of weeks ago and, while I refuse to shell out the fifteen quid it would cost to have a new one sent to me, I’m too lazy and forgetful to ring up the insurance company to have a replacement delivered for free. I’m back at home for a few weeks over the Easter break, so I’ve got my Dad’s desktop and Mum’s little netbook to see me through. I’m actually on my brother’s girlfriend’s iPad right now and it’s so so shiny and fancy and fast. But still, I’m never quite as comfortable as I am with Hummel on my lap (as someone who spends a lot of time online I’ve named and bonded with my laptop. So yes, Hummel). I’ll get him sorted eventually.

I’d also like to apologise for not reading a book over March. I know, I’m not sure how I let it happen. I started off reading one book, but got about three chapters in and decided it just wasn’t for me! The next book I tried was the same, and all the bulky books I’ve already started seemed too daunting to dive back into. So, no book. I’ve got another idea for March’s review but I’ll give you a proper post in the very near future. (I promise!) As for April’s book, I’m thinking of getting back into The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Escaped, by Jonas Jonasson. I started it back in 2012 just before I left home and then life took over, but I reckon I’ve got enough time between work and revision to get stuck in again. We’ll see!

Finally, because three apologies is more aesthetically pleasing for me, while I’ve got you here I’d like to make an advanced apology for any drivel I end up sharing with you during your time here. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen. The other day I was drafting ideas for posts, and you were very nearly subjected to a post that would have the title ‘Five Reasons I’m Not A Jeans Person.’ It might still happen, who knows. Although, since then I have actually bought a pair of jeans, so it’d be a bit hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

Anyway. I hope you’ll accept these apologies. Soz, once again.

Until next time,

Emma x


2 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses

  1. Ahh, damn IT problems. They always set you back. The start of this made me laugh because a while back I had a a battery that wouldn’t hold more than one minute of charge, so I could use my laptop while it was plugged in and that was it. I knew I needed a new one but I managed to avoid it for around a year simply because I didn’t want to pay for a new one! 😛

    Personally, I would be very interested in ‘5 reasons you are not a jean person’, because I love my jeans! Sounds like it could be a fun post.

    1. I’m replying to this from my brother’s shiny Macbook Pro and it’s really sad knowing my old laptop’s gathering dust somewhere…wish I could just sneak back off to uni with this but I doubt I’d get very far!

      I think I’d quite like to write it as well! Probably the weirdest burst of inspiration I’ve had for years, and it would be a shame to waste. We’ll have to see!

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