Friday Nights Are Weird

It’s gone 6pm on this sunny Friday, which officially means it is now Friday Night. Friday Nights are weird. The meaning of a Friday Night has changed for me so many times over my (almost) twenty years and I’ve no doubt it’ll change again in the next year or so. I feel like I’m being a bit cryptic and I bet that’s really annoying, so I’ll just get on with it and tell you what I mean.

The Evolution of the Friday Night

Until I started high school, Friday Nights were…alright. I wasn’t anywhere near the age of living for the weekend, and why would I want to be at home when I could be at school, having fun in lessons and seeing all my friends at once? Weekends were nice because I played with my cousins on a Saturday, went to church Sunday morning and saw my grandparents on Sunday afternoon. Crisps and sandwiches for tea on a Sunday night. I loved those weekends, especially when Top of the Pops was still on the air, but I really have no memory of being particularly excited for them.

Between the ages of twelve and fifteen, there was suddenly this pressure to go out at the weekend. The weeks at school seemed endless. Even if I didn’t have ridiculous curfews (9.30 bedtime until I was fifteen was a favourite), I didn’t have anywhere to go. My friends and I tended to meet on Saturday afternoons, so I spent a lot of time on Friday Nights customising my Piczo/Myspace/Bebo pages. I usually ended up watching panel shows on the settee with my parents. I did go to a youth group at a church for a while, actually, but that didn’t last long. Friday Nights were a constant reminder that I wasn’t popular, cool or exciting. Didn’t really do wonders for the self-esteem.

In my final GCSE and both A Level years things picked up a bit. In those three years I made more friends than I could’ve ever hoped for and as a result my social life rocketed. On top of that, I had more coursework and revision to be doing. Once I’d turned eighteen, Friday Nights were reserved for getting relatively dressed up, heading up to the local Wetherspoons and getting a bit too drunk. (I still do this now when I’m home. It’s a lot of fun.) I did alternating shifts at work on Saturdays – I always took it easier on my 7am start weeks. 10.30am starts and the world (the bar) was my oyster.

Now I’m at uni Friday Nights are a bit different. Nothing really happens on a Friday Night. If you’re going away for the weekend then Friday Night is highly anticipated and a lot of fun. I hardly ever go away though, don’t have a boyfriend to have visit or go and see and don’t have a job to occupy me. Really, Friday Nights are the most boring of the whole week. I’m more likely to be having a night to myself on a Friday than any other time of the week. Weird, isn’t it?

I can only imagine that, once I graduate, I’ll be living for the weekend again when I’m thrown into the world of work. I’ll officially become A Local wherever I’m living. I love how Friday Nights can mean so many different things to different people. I hope it’s a nice one for you, whatever you’re doing. Even if you’re working the night shift!

Until next time,

Emma ✨ x


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