An Alternative Valentine’s Day

I hope you had a lovely Valentine’s, whoever and wherever you are! Mine was spent with a like-minded single friend who just wanted to spend the weekend eating pizza and watching telly. It was fun. We caught up on Outnumbered, ate a lot of junk and then compensated by doing a 10.30pm Co-op run (possibly the biggest perk of living in the heart of the student area) to buy fruit salad and Innocent smoothie. My guilty conscience is terrible!

Having been single for as long as I can remember, I’ve got two options when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I can either mope, eat a lot and glare at every soppy tweet on my newsfeed, or take the opportunity to appreciate the people who I love and am loved by in return. I (sort of?) did both. We ate a ridiculous amount, but I’ve also been thinking about how grateful I am for all the reasons I have to be happy in my life at the moment. I think it’s important to take the time and do that once in a while. It really puts things into perspective.

So what am I happy about at the moment, exactly? Well. I’m sticking to my own little goal of participating more in lectures, which is a pretty good feeling; I’m visiting two of my best friends next weekend after having not seen them for six months; I’m heading home the weekend after for some much-needed family time (with added baths and roast dinner – the things I miss the most when I’m at uni!). My social life’s great at the moment, I’m reading a lot more, fitting into smaller-sized clothes and waking up earlier in the morning. Getting my body back into check for summer is such a long, weird process that I’m having to start now before we’ve even had a peep of sun!

All in all, I’m content, and that’s all I ever hope for. If Valentine’s left you feeling a bit glum, I’m sure your happiness is on its way to you (maybe it’s backlogged under all those cheesy Valentine’s cards…)

Until next time,

Emma ✨ x


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