Let’s take it from the top!

Hi, I’m Emma. I meant to set up this blog in the new year. That’s the first thing you should know about me – I can be a bit rubbish at timekeeping, but only when it’s for something I’m actually choosing to do. Let me explain.

Assignment deadline? Sure. I’ll start the research a couple of weeks in advance, make myself a detailed plan, and slowly plough through it. (Without fail I’ll end up referencing in a mad rush the night before it’s due, but I doubt that’ll ever change. It always gets done somehow.) But when it comes to ordering something online I’ve had my eye on for ages, taking a few minutes out of my evening to read or even do a food shop, it’ll take me days. Weeks, sometimes. I did my last ‘proper’ food shop three weeks ago. All I ate yesterday was a cereal bar and a tin of tomato soup. Not at the same time, though. Things aren’t that bad (yet).

So that explains why this blog has appeared a month overdue. I’ll tell you some more about me as briefly as possible.

😸 I’m 19, 20 at the end of May. I don’t want to not be a teenager. I can’t be in my twenties! People in their twenties have cars and houses and families and MORTGAGES. Scary thought.

😸 I’m in my second year of uni, studying Philosophy at the University of Reading. Don’t ask me if I want to become a philosopher when I’m older; I can’t grow a beard. I’d love to go into publishing or editorial. I worked for a week in a publishing office once and it was brilliant.

😸 I’m a baby sister, but only by 18 months. I have an older brother (he’s great), a Mum and a Dad (they’re also great). We’ve got a cat too. I’m definitely a cat person. We’re part of quite a big family on both sides, which is really fun.

😸 Why did I set up this blog? My original plan was to create a blog specifically for book reviews. I really want to start reading more, and I thought having a blog to track my progress would be great motivation. I intended on starting a new book at the beginning of each month, but so far it’s the second of February and I’m still 100 pages away from finishing January’s book. So it’s going well. While I’m not yammering on about which books I’m reading or recommending, I thought it would be nice to post bits and pieces from my day-to-day life, and words of wisdom for my ‘down’ days (you know those days where you wake up and you just have no motivation to get anything done? I have more of those than I’d like.) It’s a bit of a personal project, this, but I also want to share it with whoever you are, the reader. My audience. What?

I’ll post again as soon as I’ve got something to tell you. For now, though, I’ve probably got things to be getting on with. I’m not sure what, but there’s always something.

Until next time!
Emma ✌ x


Talk to me (if you wanna wanna) 😸

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